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:D Greeting everyone my name is Tom Arambasich and I sponsor a Boat Rally every year in Channahon illinois along the Illinois Waterway about 50 miles south of Chicago along I-55...My wife and I started this back in 2003 and have found a permanant home at BIG BASIN MARINA just off the Interstate.

All boaters and boats are welcome even though this is a Switzer craft event, but we have had Vampire Boats,Triads,Talons,Fountains,Glaspar G-3's,Hustler Boats,Glastron-Carlson and the list also includes All kinds of bass Boats and not to forget the Allison River Racers that come every year.

This year the Regatta,which attracks a lot of non boaters interested in our boats,will be on Saturday July 13, starts at 10am, picnic at noon (or so) and then some of us will do "FLY-BYS" for the crowd.... :o The Marina's Bar (Mugz's Hide Out) had a huge deck overlooking the water and the crowd loves to watch us run.

So if your interested contact me at Tlord91154@aol.com and I will send you a flyer, or find us on yahoo or facebook or www.webs.com/switzercraftreunionregattas/ .....Hope to see you there. Tom Arambasich


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