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I'm looking to find someone who is willing to manage the site and devote more time than I have especially since my recent health issues. Would even consider sale, lease, or turning the domain and forums over for a modest amount? If not I will need to discontinue STVowners.com in the near future. There's a wealth of information here... but just needs a jump start. If interested please reply.

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I dont understand how there could be much time needed. It doesn't appear that anybody is posting other than this thread. Im sure it cost some money, but from what I can see there has only been 3 posts in the last 3 months. Its kinda sad. I used to hang around a bit. I would assume it would require a minimal amount of time.

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I have several inquires and will get in touch soon.  As to questions

Monthly hosting fee is $30

Domain renewal this march is just under $40/yr unless price changes

Forum software has lifetime subscription so updates are FREE unless one wishes to add a new feature.

Already has active chat and ability to setup payments/donations/subscriptions

I have idea of adding sub forums for other performance boats such as Allison, Mirage, and open to others.

Site for the most part runs on autopilot doing cleanup, registering new members, and filters out SPAM.

My idea would let 1 or 2 manage and expand site to attract more users and re-evaluate after 6 months or so and I would remain owner. 

I had a stroke 9/2017 1 month before retiring with plans to devote more time here but things changed.


More info can be found here



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On ‎8‎/‎22‎/‎2019 at 4:27 PM, Bigwaveohs said:

STV Custom Race Boats on Facebook seems pretty active.

Perhaps there is some way to combine memberships to get interest up?


Got any ideas and would U like to assist in managing this site?

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I have given this some thought. Over the years I have been a member of a lot of "forums" including full size and model boat racing. It seems most of these forums have given way to Social Media accounts and I guess that's just the new digital age we are living.

I will give some thought as to how to perhaps get participation up...maybe there is some way to get your group to "join" the Facebook Group as a member the way I joined them. That might point their membership toward your forum?


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