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2.5 280 merc

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I'm getting ready to order a euro ski stv. I'm thinking of putting a 2.5 280h.p merc . Is there alot of maintenence on this engine..such as changing the rings every so many hours? Any kind of information is greatly appreciated. Thanks alot.  Lance Boudreaux

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My 99 280 has just under 144 hours and so far it's been trouble free. So far just filters, lube, and plugs every spring. Now as for compression, here at 1300ft above sea level it's always been 135 psi and leak down has been max of 5% which hasn't changed since new. I haven't done the leakdown test this year yet but hope to have the numbers posted here in about a week or so after it warms up some. The is a great engine!

Also- welcome

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It's my understanding that the hours to rebuild is dependant on the rpm you spin to.

Going by that if you run 130 hours at 4 grand and 14 at 7,500 or 8,000 I don't think it's very many hours.

This is why I think an hour meter based on rpm would be nice. A stress meter. The clock runs slow at low rpms. normal at say 6500 and then speeds up at higher rpms.

Any way if you rebuild at 100 hours and that is full speed running it's a long long long long long time.

100 hours x 100 mph =10,000 miles

/26 gallons per hour x 100 hours is 2,600 gallons

x $1.50 =$3,900 + oil

And that is only at 100 mph.

I add this to show that a 100 hour rebuild is pretty long.

From what I understand there isn't much to replace. Take it apart check it and change a couple minor things.

At normal speeds I think it's 400 hours

100 hours at 7,500

50 at 8500

60 minutes at 9000

1 run at 10,000 rpms

From memory but close.Correct this if wrong since I thought there was a 10  hour in there somewhere.

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