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Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

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Well I got the STV SRV back, and it is now my understanding after talking to Wally, Rusty, and Ted ( I will call Roark soon) that they only ever built 5, this is a 1989, and probably the last one. This boat was sold by Coty marine, I talked to Marty at Diamond Marine and he knew the boat, and it's storied past.

Anyhow I got the boat home last week, knowing that it was goning to need some work... so I started.

The boat looks good when the interior is in it, but on close inspection needs work.

The previous owner, tried to fix a few problem spots, but improperly. Nonetheless the boat has no stress cracks, just a lot of rot. The front seat base is rotten where the bolts run through, the nitrous boards in the back have cracked along there seam, and the transom has pulled. I was rather pleased to see that the fiberglass had not failed and was completly intact inside the boat. The transom had fallen victom to years of water damage, as such it has delaminated.

The colour (color for you souther folks) is not my favorite, and I do not like the rubber incert rub rail. so project 1 has started and that is to strip the boat. I got a good start on the weekend.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to replace 90% of the wood in the boat, with Ockume plywood and balsa core.

I find it strange that the boat hs no core in it, but instead stiffiners. I will be removing all that and vacuum bagging a 1/2 balsa core into the boat. All the existing plywood will be replaced with Balsa. The intent will be to make the boat a lot stronger and add no weight. It could even be lighter. ( I hope ).

Hear are a few pictures.


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Techno, the boat that I didn't mean to post above ( a challenger 21) is all balsa... not an ounce of plywod in that boat.

The STV will have an Oukume Plywood transom, and knees, while the rest will be balsa (baltec, composite panels). The balsa is VERY VERY strong, it will be way over built.

I don't have any real good bottom pictures, I will take some good ones this weekend.

I should add, that the boat looks a lot worse in preson, all that dirt in the boat is from the carpet being torn out.


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you don't waste time. I was hoping to see it before de-rigging.

I think it looks great and it is great to see your on your way and I am sure your having fun :D

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Man, can't wait to see more progress!  Are you going to put the same engine back on or something else?  Has anyone that you have talked with said anything about the way the boat performs and handles?  Anyone know where the molds are for that boat?  Keep up the great work :D

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Well, I just spent 2 hours on the phone with Roark ( man he is great to talk to..... specially about the old days), anyhow I found out a lot about my boat.

Mine is the last one built, it has a kevlar bottom with a Kelgecel core. There were 12 built, 2 were I/O's. Yup with 454's in them. I was told that it has the same bottom as the 201 Stratos, and a different bottom than the 380 laser that I thought it was similar too. I was also told that they were weight sensitive, he thought not. Anyhow I am on the right track in the rebuild, and it will be a very very cool boat.

One thing I found interesting was that Summerford made 75 boats a year...... that is a lot!.

Oh and Dennis and Micheal........becareful, he hates them speedmasters.


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Oh and he said it should run 105 with a stock motor, and turn as good or better than a ski bottom.

He also said it was a very easy and forgiving boat to drive.

Had a lot of other comments, that I will not repeat. But it was really really cool and informative.

We also talked about the design of the STV.....and the fact that is was in the wind tunnel, and that all the subtlties in the deck shape.... are for stability.

I can go way into it if anyone wants...... pretty cool stuff.


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OK OK, WOW did I get a lot of e-mail on that post.

You have to remember I am going a lot from memory, so take everything with a grain of salt, ( I will be 95% acurate ).

Roark started talking about the design of the STV, not so much the bottom, but the deck, we talked about all the boat from Pro Comp Ski, Euro, River Rocket and the Mod-Vp, gearcases and balance.

Yes the STV was designed in the wind tunnel ( whos it was  I cannot remember.... but it was big time ). The shop that did the work said it was one of the most stable designs they ever tested, after they made changes. This is more biased toward the Mod-vp deck and the river rocket. The speed of the air traveling through the tunnels once the boat is packing air, is 1.5 times that of the air moving over the boat. He explained that on a 1550lb boat that at 42 mph aerodynamic lift starts to take affect, at 94mph ( or what some call the hump area ), the boat is working now on hydrodynamic lift (ya you read that right), and the air moving under the boat is creating a vacuum holding the boat down. The air moving over the boat is also pulling up on the boat, most specifically over the cockpit where there is a low pressure area, this helps with the lift and stability of the boat, even the detents in the sides of the rear of the river rocket and mod-vp  were added to creat a little more vacuum. It was noted that the euro, has to much downpressure on the deck, but the real reason is a HUGE air void is created behind the boats center of balance (read stern lift), he suggested that the Euro was not safe above 100 mph, definatly not over 115. ( I spent a lot of time over 115.... never had a problem ). I talked to him about how we experimented with a skater style race deck on the euro and his reply was it wouldn't work, and that the boat would be dangerous........ well he was right, we couldnt drive the boats. Well that is the coles notes version. We also talked about other well know manufactures, that was very educational, and the state of racing in general..... one word sums it up for him "sad"

RT.......... oh ya and Triton builds 18 boats a day.... WOW

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