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Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

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Wow RT.... That looks like an unbelievable amount of work. I am really enjoying the project though. We can all just sit here in front of our computers and let you do the work! I would help if I could; I know I could learn a ton....

Thanks again,

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Looking at the photos, we can learn a LOT about Rob.

1.) He LIKES being covered in 'glass fibre and rotten wood.

2.) He is an absolute STV FREAK.

3.) He smokes Marlboro reds.

4.) He either NEEDS a girlfriend, or has a GREAT one.

5.) and lastly, he drinks sasparilla instead of good Canadian beer. (which makes good Kentucky bourbon WAY too good for him!;)

ROB- you were doing fine until I saw the Barq's root beer can. The next thing you know, Rob will be working as a broker and voting socialist.

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1- "Like" is a strong work, was it fun...kinda, would I do it again, yup, am I a moron..... probably.

2- STV freak, I guess.... but you need to add Triad, Skater, and Apache to that.

3- Nope DuMarier Lights

4- She was working...... I had a weekend pass.

5- Last time I saw you and Dewitt, we were not wobbeling near as much.

Take Care guys.

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I've never heard of dari-aire lights. Sound like a franco-canadian issue.

And that parking lot had gravity stability problems.....ask Dewitt. We could barely stay on our feet all evening.

And how many hulls have you refurbished now? (great work by the way)

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Hey Rob.

Great project you got going there.   Also great info from "The Man" himself.   Must have been great to talk with him.

The rear of that hull reminds me of a Sprint without the sponsons and the rear wings.    Should be really cool when finished,  heck it's cool now.

Whats the deal with them only building a few of them,  especially if they were supposed to run so good.

If I had half of the ambition to work on boats you do,  I might get something done.

Take care.

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