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finally put a 32 mazco on the rr and went 113.2mph on gps with a home built and home ported 200pm sitting on a 15" center section. couldn't believe it! thur. scuffed piston, fri took it out honed, sanded piston, put new rings went out made a coulpe hole shots with 24 and 22 yami's, put 32 on and went 108 with more left. it seemed it was half throttle and i thought well dam what's next! ohmy.gif had never been above 50 in the boat before that.

made a couple more runs 112.8, then let her have and got 113.2. pretty exciting.

didn't know what to expect at first but it was pretty easy to handle. boat feels like it's on rails.


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Nice numbers..BTW...what model Garmin is that...I have a simular one and can set the face to show really large numbers which are easy to read..here's a pic showing the speed / max speed in big type...Oh..and this pic was taken a long time ago biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


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