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yes they will come back, if you want them gone, the mus be ground out and filled with mat, then the area must be re sprayed with colour matched gel. One thing to consider is that if you use polyester resin it will shrink a little with time and you will see low spots where you ground out. Vinalester is better. Epoxy shrinks the least but you have issues with the gel sticking.


PS your boat doesn't have the drag bottom like posted above, as the bottom wasn't even designed yet.

You will have either a sprint bottom ( the tops of the tunnels are angled toward the pad, kinda like a vee between the sponsons ), or you have a inverted vee boat. It would most likely have a ski bottom, or it could be ulta rare like Pauls old boat, where is had the first generation of the modvp bottom, where it has the front of the modvp, but that back pad of the ski ( with it's downturned strakes ).

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How many different bottoms were made between 87-90. ?

I am still trying to figure out which one I have?

If someone drag raced in the south 1990 1995, GW Carboni raced this boat and won high points in super stock? (1994)

I think he raced in the Alabama Drag Boat Ass.His number was 92.

I race in the APBA and my number is also 92. Cool didnt have to change my numbers. I race in the SST45 class.

(alot less horsepower, but they still run good numbers)

2.5 powerhead cost more then my wife, manybe not!

I will get some pictures out of the bottom.


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They made about 4 difffernt bottoms from 1987 to 1990. If your hull is a 1990 it most likely has the Ski Bottom or Hybrid Ski/Race Bottom.

I'll post pics

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