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  1. looking over the new site, cool, seems user friendly .hope to see more action here!
  2. this, 2015 version, going on now ,great river running, pit racing, bsing, party at the Foleys,EATING,bon fire .all about having fun,great time good folks from all over the USA.
  3. WOW ! over a MONTH ,not ONE reply......... SAD, VERY SAD !
  4. i check in here at least once or twice a week only to find that nothing is going on & no new posts to read. this is a good site , come on guys get it going again!
  5. stvdrive

    Jack plate

    Bobs manual plates are a p.i.a. to adjust.
  6. stvdrive

    Jack plate

    my riverrocket had a rapidjack on it when i first got it. not a bad plate but it was peeling around the side bolts & it bugged me. i did some research on plates & wound up buying a slidemaster 6 inch manual . excellent quality. it's a heavy plate compaired to the rapidjack,very easy to adjust motor hight to any setting in no time without binding ,still looks like new after several years.a great product.
  7. it's a great event! hosted by tom & gina foley, nov 30 -dec 2. scream and fly has a thread with all info.fast boating on the swannee, good folks, bbq-bonfire party.
  8. bob,you could put a 200hp "fishing motor"on an stv & with proper set up run mid to high 90 mph & possibly touch 100 with some performance mods & not break the bank costwise.stvs are of a very great design.
  9. optimax 200 is #434 ,the 300xs opti is #505.the 350 fourstroke is #667, these weight listings are from mercury racing web specs,what they list at weight , probably are dry (withought fluids ,not ready to run specs) so actual weight may be a bit more.you may want to get ahold of jack at fullthrottle powerboats to choose the best power options for your needs.i'll say it again ,a 300xs opti or big etec is a good fit for a euro,they dont smoke,very quiet running ,dont make alot of noise & will get you over 100 mph & sip fuel.just big $$ to purchase ...but what isnt these days??
  10. welcome deckofficer,asuming that you are talking about an stv euro in your posts, i dont know of anyone that has powered one with a verado or any fourstroke due to the performance factor & extra weight,an optimax 300, or etec would be a better choice,they are very user friendly outboards, & have been mounted on euros on several applications with great sucess. good luck on your search.
  11. woops,just saw description on reader rides, should run great with 260, still want to know bout different props ,especially bblades,,
  12. wow! VERY NICE, what's under the cowl?
  13. Lucky, lets see some pics of your Euro!! & tell us how it differs from the river rocket. congrads!
  14. yea i've got the cleavers covered, 28p,merc & a 32 hill ,both run & handle very wel for what they are designed for. Lucky,very interested & the bblades report , been searching for a 30 et for allround as i lost my last one when i broke a propshaft a couple years ago .believe it or not i hav a slightly modded 24 chopper that is great for short bursts around the lake ,but i wont stretch it out too far past 8000 or so.
  15. thread has been inactive 10 years, anyone have anything to add? et, offshore ,& other blade types that have been tried? 3 ,4 ,5 blade designs ? my favorite spinelli got hurt last year , tiny crack ,it's fixed but aint quite the same.has a good holeshot & decent topend & handles well.been a good allround prop.
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