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  2. Try montyracing.com they may be able to help you? He answered some of my seat questions Thanks, I will give them a call.
  3. I need a seat cover for a River Rocket with the modvp bottom. It's a single seater with no back seat. The cover snaps around the seat & continues over the back. Love to buy one that would just snap in. Where would I find one? Any help would be great.
  4. Ok, you guys should be able to help me. I live in Montreal Quebec Canada, and looking for someone (the best) person to repaint the top of my STV. It is very lite and has a few spider cracks on top. The bottom looks and runs good. It was raced by GW Carboni from Alabama. Won high points 1994 super stock. Its fast. Center steering (cable steering) Single seat. I am looking for a complete overhaul and paint. Transom looks good but I am not sure. I run a 2.5efi offshore and never had problems. The top of the transom has a crack on both sides, but they have been there since I bought it about
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