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  1. Contact AnthonySS on here...his company built the hinges on mine.
  2. Supposedly there is a guy in Canada that has the molds.
  3. There was one posted in the boat spam section of Performanceboats.com...89 Pro Comp Ski like mine.
  4. Is this boat from the guy up in Canada that was selling the drag bottom and Pro Comp deck molds? If so, can you e-mail me all the pics you have of the boat (specifically the deck and rear seat and/or race cowl)? keith@stvboats.com Thanks!
  5. Try Eric Simon at Simon Motorsports.
  6. STV_Keith

    New best

    Thanks Anthony. The boat seems to be running real well right now (I hope it's not the case of it runs best right before it breaks!). Went 107, 2-up with the 27, then 108 2-up with the 29. I like the way the 27 carries the boat better, so I'm gonna have my prop guy mod the 29 a bit. The 27 has 1* less rake (17* vs. 18*), so a little more stern lift. He says he can add stern lift by adding some cup on the trailing edge of the blades near the root. We'll see what it does.
  7. STV_Keith

    New best

    Thanks. I think your calculator is broke though. Did you use a 29 pitch or 27? I ran that with the 27...WISH I had the 29. I got 5% on my calculator. Boating season is just getting real good here. Was still in the low 90's last weekend in Havasu. Can't wait for the 50ish temps this winter...always goes faster when it's cool out.
  8. STV_Keith

    New best

    Hit a new best yesterday...111mph Nothing special for most of you guys, but a new place for me. Stock 260, ~85* air temp, Mazco RE3-27 turning 8700rpm. Wish I had my 29 with me now!
  9. I bought directly from B and D automotive (http://www.bndautomotive.com), but that gallon cost me $200. I was told previously that it should have run me about $125 - so not sure if I got ripped by going direct or not. I'd do some calling around before ordering again.
  10. I bought a gallon of the TK-7 (now ACES 4) to do some testing...haven't done it myself yet. My dad did have a River Rocket with a stout 260 with 190# compression and was able to run 93 + ACES 4 with no problems.
  11. Actually, I am considering adding another STV to my stable...but it will be a ModVP this time.
  12. Hey Mikey, did you hear about the BBSP this weekend in Havasu? I'll be there, with at least one other STV. C'mon out! Sorry to hijack your thread...free bump!
  13. If you need the old yellow warning stickers, I think I still have a few of those.
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