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  1. I guess Dreamer is just gonna be a 'cleaver' collector..
  2. I would guess that the reason the SM represents 44% is due to it's being on the motor from the factory...not purchased afterward as an up-grade
  3. Anthony Looks like a SM..My manuel also indicates this...water pick up under the nose cone..polished alum...If you want to change the vote my original was 'other'
  4. Bone stock polisjed alum. (Mariner 2.5)...I don't even know what those other things are but allume they are high perf. replacements..Maybe someone could offer a little input re: each type shown Thanks
  5. Don't forget the jacket and bonnet
  6. Can't answer that for you PC..the prop I bought is a Powertech scc 27 (yamaha copy)..I talked with Randy(aquaholic) and he has 2 or 3 of these things and advised I would be happy with one..I figure if anyone knows anything about props it would be him..I paid $300 plus $10 shipping for this one (USD) so figure its not a large investment..The pic on S&F shows it to be a 9 with very little use
  7. Have a 29 Mazco that I really do not like..Presently running a 31 merc lab cleaver which I like but think it is a bit much for all round use..ordered a 27 yamaha drag today and have been told it will be better for day in and day out use..My boat isn't set up with jack plate or back set..I'm about 3/4 above the pad..I think with the set backs you have to be much higher and it changes the prop requirement a great deal
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