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  1. If your looking to buy new it sounds like the transoms are strong enough as there are a couple out in California running new 300s as well as western Canada. Per the post above I guess a few in Florida too. Matt in PA ran one on an older Euro and it was fine.
  2. I consistantly add a little sea foam to everything, especially anything I may run 87 octane in. Ethanal sucks.
  3. Try tracking down Jeff Williamson (Yammer) or try BRB in KY, they might know
  4. ProComp

    Dash Pics

    Sweet. Do you think it will hook faster with those Allison buckets???? No, they just made it a little more challenging to drive, LOL
  5. ProComp

    Dash Pics

    Well better late then never. The new dash.
  6. That boat is a very well done photochop. Doesn't exist
  7. check out www.fastboatscanada.com, rpm racing has a nice set and he's in TO as well
  8. ProComp


    With a coned case and some height, you'd be well into triple digits. Beautiful boat.
  9. ProComp

    New best

    Thanks. I think your calculator is broke though. Did you use a 29 pitch or 27? I ran that with the 27...WISH I had the 29. I got 5% on my calculator. Boating season is just getting real good here. Was still in the low 90's last weekend in Havasu. Can't wait for the 50ish temps this winter...always goes faster when it's cool out. Nope, 27. Ya really think you can set it up that efficient? Think yours is broke buddy LOL
  10. ProComp

    New best

    Congrats. My prop calculator has you right at 10% slip. Not bad at all
  11. Try Fasteddie on screamandfly
  12. I'd love to see a full race fairing for a Euro too.
  13. Kurt, the Ontario or Florida crew can probably give you some better feedback but the one I saw in Jasper (now in Ontario) looked as good as any other Rocket I have seen. I believe there have been some better changes with regards to materials of construction and structure as well. They look good hanging from a tree? lol Light too. Thinking about doing Blarney again or just lake boating? **** something is up with my account, can't post pics and all the posts are in list form where you have to click and open every reply. Anyone else having an issue?
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