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  1. I always have, really liked Euros, that's a beautiful ride Brian congratulations !!
  2. I know your post is just over a month old, but I was wondering if you still have your Euro and is it still for sale ?? If so, could you please post or send me some photos, interior, exterior, hull, and approx. how many hours the motor has on it, is there a trailer included and what is it's overall condition etc........ at the price you're asking I am very interested !! Thanks in advance, Bruce.
  3. Looks like Ohio, according to the tags on his boat !! Awesome looking rig BTW, best of luck with the sale !! T.T.T.
  4. Beautiful Russ, congratulations !! Love the V21's ........ it would be very cool if they were built again some day.
  5. I agree, that is not a fixer upper for sure !! It needs to be crushed ....... as nice as it once was !!
  6. Hi Tom ; Welcome to the board. I say, don't give up the search for a Euro, build a bigger boathouse. Best of luck with both ventures !! Regards, Bruce.
  7. Hope you're all celebrating your day with your Loved ones and tearing up the water somewhere !! Cheers, Bruce.
  8. Congratulations Matt, we knew you couldn't due without for much longer. LOL !! I love the colors ............ be sure to post more photos when you get a chance. Have fun !! Bruce.
  9. Sweet Anthony ............ Having the time of your lives ................ That's what the smiles say !!
  10. That sucks ....... BIG TIME Scott !! There's nothing worse than a friggin' thief ........ except perhaps the beating he might get when he's caught !! I work in the East end of Toronto and I'm on the road all day, so I'll be looking out for you buddy. Regards, Bruce.
  11. Tom; Could you please, post some detailed photos of your friend's '03 RR Copy. Thanks, Bruce.
  12. Your rig looks great moomba ............. those colors really give a fresh new look on an 18 year old boat !! Love it ......... Awesome job !! Regards, Bruce.
  13. 44 Eh ?? Wow ....... you're getting old buddy !! All kidding aside ........... all the best Anthony ......... have a great Birthday !! Regards, Bruce.
  14. Very cool Larry, thanks for posting !! Bruce.
  15. Who's the lucky new owner Matt ?? Bruce.
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