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Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

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Well, I went to take some pictures but my camera batteries were pooched.

Anyhow the boat just needs a floor and a seatbox and the deck popped on and it is basically done. I have decided to sell this boat, I have a friend that wants it. Now that we produced an new and altered deck mold ( the original molds are garbage and are sitting in a field wating to be stolen...... ) and a new bottom mold is being built I can build myself a new one.

New boat

100% Hydrex 100 ( or AME 5000)

Vacuum bagged, I was gonna infuse it but chickened out........

100% Aramid/E-Glass layup

5/8 Balsa core on running surface, 1/4 foam everwhere else

Okume wood, or specialized composites structure.

Target weight 675-725 lbs, and built like a brick shit house.


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What's the difference between AME 5000 & AME 4000

I would say about AME 1000 !!


J/K Larry !! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Sorry ................. must be the medication !! :blink:

I don't know squat !!

All kidding aside ................ it's been awesome following your post/project Rob.

Please be sure to post some pictures when the SRV is complete.

Regards to all,

Bruce. :)

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It better be ready for June.... let alone the rumble.

AME5000 is the replacement for AME4000, 5000 is 100% vinylester...... 4000 is a slightly stiffer resin. I would use it if I could get it. But it has a higher styrene content and the EPA isn't really a fan.

I am also considering using Reichold Hydrex 100 resin, it is closer to the 4000, only I have to buy a drum as John Spaeth doesn't inventory it.

I will post a lot of pictures in the coming weeks.

And a shit load when I build my new boat.


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Well seeing as I have not made many up dates lately, I have the Hydrex 100 and and the Hydrex 100HF ( Infusion resin ) in, and I am just waiting on the material for the boat.

What you didn't see is we built a 100% new bottom mold for the boat. This mold is infusion friendly, the deck mold being partly old is not. So the decks will have to be laid up with old technology hand lamination and vacuum bagging ( still pretty good ).

The bottom lamination was designed by Vectorply, and will be one of two different lamination scheduals that they developed. One is a Carbon, Aramid, E-Glass layup with a 5/8 Diab balsa core that will give a fininshed bottom weight of 270lbs, or a Aramid. E-Glass layup that will weigh 310 lbs..... I am using the latter as the avalibility of the Carbon is mid summer and I am not willing to wait for 40 lbs savings on my lake boat. The deck weight is approx 110 lbs, you can walk all over it, though it can be made a lot lighter. The interior structure is made with Space Age synthetics, and will weigh approx 200lbs, that is the transom, floor, stringers, seatbox's and the like for a out of the mold hull weight of 620lbs, with a 600% stiffer hull than the original Roark built boats, and a 180 lb weight savings.

Cool stuff!.

Special thanks to Mr. Wally Lamkin to putting me on to some of these ideas.


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:D Man ............... the SRV looks sweet Rob !!

It looks like it's doing a hundred, on the trailer

and that's a slow lookin' trailer !! :lol:

:) Thanks for sharing the re-birth with us !!

:ph34r: Keep the updates and photos coming !!

:) That's beautiful work you've done right there !!


Bruce. :)

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Hi all,

I bought one new and back in the day and they run great. I saw 103mph on a land and sea speedo with a Bob Kottman Yamaha excel "mild motor" with two of us in the boat. If I recall that was with my regular prop and I was even trying to do a speed run with a tall prop. Great handling as well. There are photos of my boat in the other section of this site. It is the blue on blue one. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks, Doug 215-852-5660 dm@americantreescapes.com

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